Flagrate API documentation

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Built-in input types

text -> String

most basic single-line text input. (uses flagrate.TextInput)

password -> String

password input. Almost the same to text.

textarea -> String

textarea input. (uses flagrate.TextArea)

number -> Number

number input. (uses flagrate.TextInput)

combobox -> String

combobox input. (uses flagrate.ComboBox)

checkbox -> Boolean

Checkbox input. (uses flagrate.Checkbox)

checkboxes -> Array

Checkboxes input. (uses flagrate.Checkboxes)

switch -> Boolean

Switch input. (uses flagrate.Switch)

radios -> any

Radio buttons input. (uses flagrate.Radios)

select -> any|array

Select input. (uses flagrate.Select)

file -> File

File input for File API

files -> FileList

File input for File API